Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is summed up in six words: Value, Happiness, Safety, Comfort, Community, Fun!

  • Value – You’ve worked hard and you deserve the best
  • Happiness – Live exactly the way you want to
  • Safety – A home should be clean, secure, and healthy
  • Comfort – A place for you to relax and reset
  • Community – Meet new people and create new relationships
  • Fun – Experience events, holidays and game nights at your fingertips

At the Bungalow, we cherish the honor of getting to know people that live the life they want to, in a beautiful place. We strive to create a well-rounded living experience for all ages, at all stages of life.

Our vision is to create a tight knit community, enjoying the many events, activities, game nights and holidays together, giving you an all-round living experience. Having a home and a community has never been easier!